Brief Information

The goal of this project was to design ice spikes that are easier to use, and as well have the function of universal sizing which current products on the market do not. The target user was someone less able bodied who wouldn't be able to easily attach and detach regular rubber ice grips.


To begin with this idea I ideated different fits. I used cardboard and duct tape (my go-to materials for early testing because I always have it around the house) to test different strap orientations on different sizes of shoes. Once I had discovered the one that worked best across a range of sizes and styles of shoes I created a works-like model and did user testing. For some of the user testing I taped the user's fingers to limit the dexterity.

After user testing, the added features' benefits were proven:
Ease of Use( Velcro, and finger loops)
Universal Sizing( Position of velcro, and strap locations)

The next step was to choose materials and create a CAD model, and a physical visual model of the grips. After research done the materials chosen were: Velcro, Nylon Straps, LFR (Liquid-Farnesene Rubber), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), and Stainless Steel.