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This is a personal project to practice research, branding, packaging design, and can visualization specifically. Retreat is a beverage brand focused on CBD products. The focus on the CBD beverage category was due to increasing popularity in CBD products while the category is still not overcrowded. The process for the project was research into the existing brands in the category, naming ideation, research into packaging trends, logo ideation, logo refinement, packaging ideation, packaging refinement, 3D modelling, and finally packaging visualization.


Research into existing brands and trends was done to get a general idea of styling direction and what is currently within the product category. Identified trends were: Accents, Close Range, Decorative, Fun Illustrations, Layers, and Pastels. The existing products and brands were used to understand the category and see what brand name would fit within the category, the one I decided upon was Retreat. The trends were used as inspiration when ideating the logo and different can designs.

Accents is packaging that uses one main colour for all callouts and main type.

Close Range is packaging that uses analogous colours to keep a tight knit scheme.

Decorative is packaging that is intricate and detailed, often used on liquor bottles.

Fun Illustrations is packaging that is more playful and uses illustrations to liven up the designs.

Layers is packaging that uses different layers and levels of colour to make the design stack.

Pastels is packaging that utilizes the pastel colour scheme to appear softer and more welcoming.

I explored many different styles for the logo then brought my favourite 6 designs into illustrator. I decided on the topographic style logo as it relates the most to travel and still remains non aggressive. I liked the goose like an R but it seemed too sharp and aggressive for the product category.

I decided to go with topographic styled design as it cues back to maps and travel which synergizes well with the logo and name retreat.  I ideated different can designs on procreate and also tested them on basic can models in Cinema4d and Octane to see how the design lends itself around a cylindrical object.

For the final visualization of the Retreat CBD Drinks I found a king size can 3D model that I modified/touched up to use. With the model I rendered the final images in Octane. I found most of the fruit models online but either created or modified the textures that came with them. After creating a more traditional visualization I also created a context render for each flavour in its' own season. The entire scene for each context render is made in 3D with nothing photoshopped in.