Thunder Headphones

Brief Information

Thunder Headphones is a concept design for wireless over-ear headphones. They are aimed at people who want stylish minimalistic over-ear headphones. The material choices were made based on performance, capabilities and environmental impacts. The sizing of the ear cups was determined by testing different sizes of foam models and comparing to existing headphone sizing. The band, ear cup spacing, and adjustability were determined by percentiles published in "The Measure of Man & Woman Revised Edition".


To start the design for the headphones, I defined what I wanted to achieve, designing a pair of headphones that were both stylish, and had proper materials chosen. Then I began to ideate and sketch different forms. From this step I developed the ideas further before arriving to a final general design.

The next step was to find the proper size for the headphones, I did this by making general shapes with foam. With the foam shaped, I used them to get a sense of scale for the ear-cups and defined my final measurements, as well with the foam testing I asked users for a preference of existing headphones for reference. The other measurement were dictated by human percentiles from "The Measure of Man & Woman Revised Edition".

With the form and measurements completed, I started creating a model on Solidworks using a combination of surface modelling and solid modelling. When the form of the model was complete I colour mapped the model to mark the different materials of the part.

The model was then imported into Keyshot where I started with basic materials and edited them by changing roughness, refraction index, bump maps, and adding labels. After the materials were close to ideal, I began setting the lighting in the scene. Once the lighting was complete, I finalized the materials. For this specific project I created an animation as well so I needed to arrange different motions for the camera, then I began the render.